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Formula Pro Elite V2
Formula Pro Elite V2
Formula Pro Elite V2
Formula Pro Elite V2
Formula Pro Elite V2
Formula Pro Elite V2
Formula Pro Elite V2
Formula Pro Elite V2
Formula Pro Elite V2
Formula Pro Elite V2

Formula Pro Elite V2

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Pickup available at 1167 Mississippi Avenue #100 Usually ready in 5+ days

Formula Pro Elite V2

Phantom / 2 Paddles / Aluminum

1167 Mississippi Avenue #100

Pickup available, usually ready in 5+ days

1167 Mississippi Avenue #100
Dallas TX 75219
United States

FPE V2 Simucube Bundle
Bundle & Save 10%
Includes the Formula Pro Elite V2 with Carbon Fiber Paddles, Simucube QR, Simucube 2 Wheelbase, and a 10% Discount.
The FPE V2, the return of the icon. This isn't just an upgrade—it's a complete overhaul that redefines what a sim racing wheel can be. Its combination of lightweight design, customizable features, and tactile responsiveness positions the FPE V2 as a standout choice for sim racers seeking the pinnacle of technology and design.

Key Features

Hi-Res 4.3" LCD Touchscreen Dust-Resistant Silicone Handles
6.5 Ncm Rotary Encoders 2 Seven-Way Multi Switches
3 + 14 + 3 RGB LED Rev Lights “CEMS N52” V3 Shifters
5 Backlit RGB LED Push-Button Rotary Encoders with 5-way functionality Optional "HSE" Dual Clutches
10 Momentary RGB LED Push Buttons
(500 gram actuation force)
“Spec 3” Coiled Cable
57 Total Mappable Inputs 66 Addressable RGB LEDs
6061 Aluminum Components 300mm Diameter
Direct-Injection Silicone Handles 70mm Threaded Bolt Pattern
Carbon Fiber Faceplate Aluminum Unibody Housing
1.43kg Min Weight (2 Paddles) 1.53kg Max Weight (4 Paddles)

What's Included

  • Formula Pro Elite V2
  • GSI "Spec 3" Coiled USB Cable

AH50 not included.

The Legend, Reimagined

Built upon years of research and development - we've taken everything learned since the original and meticulously redesigned every aspect inside and out for the FPE V2.

simOS Architecture

All new GSI wheels run on simOS, our custom firmware optimized specifically for sim racing. It includes features like predictive algorithms to optimize input responsiveness, an intelligent power management interface, and a suite of useful features that integrate directly with the simOS app.

Key Features

New & Improved

57 Total Mappable Inputs
Up from 46 on the original, the FPE V2 now offers even more versatility and allows you to map your inputs exactly as you'd like.

66 Addressable RGB LEDs
Backlit illumination comes to the FPE V2. Customize the look and feel of your wheel on-the-fly and use real-time telemetry to influence how the LEDs function.

6.5 Ncm Rotary Encoders
The FPE V2 now uses the same new rotaries found in the Hyper SL, our best and most tactile rotary encoders to date.

10 RGB LED Push-Buttons
Tactile and responsive with engagement at 500 gram force and 2 fully addressable RGB LEDs per button.

2 Seven-Way Switches
We've added an additional multi-switch and positioned them directly next to your thumbs to make navigating menus, black boxes, and car settings feel easier than ever.

Dust Resistant Handles
Built upon the robust ergonomics of the original, the silicone handles have been slimmed down and feature a new dirt and dust resistant formula.

2 Thumb Encoders
Quickly access and adjust settings via the conveniently placed encoders, positioned directly next to your thumbs natural resting position for seamless adjustments.

3 + 14 + 3 Telemetry LEDs
In addition to the top RPM LEDs, we've also added side indicators that can be mapped to multiple functions like traction control, ABS, flags, and more.

20% Weight Reduction
Down to 1.53 Kg with dual clutches, the Formula Pro Elite is lighter than ever before, improving the feel of detail and responsiveness of your wheelbase.

300MM Diameter
The slightly reduced wheel diameter makes the FPE V2 more versatile across multiple car classes, it's the perfect balance for open-wheel and GT-style racecars.

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