Hyper SL Paddles

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Please follow the instructions below to avoid damaging the HSL paddle screws. Stripped screws are NOT covered by warranty. Please proceed with caution.

HSL Paddle Instructions:
Follow these steps for EACH paddle you replace.

  1. Heat the paddle screws for about 10 seconds with a heat gun or hairdryer. This will release the thread locker and make removing the screws much easier.
  2. Using a manual 2MM HEX bit, push firmly and SLOWLY start to loosen the screw by turning counter-clockwise by hand. Using an electric screwdriver with too much torque/speed will increase the chances of stripping the screwhead. 
  3. Install your new paddles using the provided replacement screws.

Which paddles will I receive?
Because the Hyper SL shares the same clutch paddle design as the Hyper P1, you will receive only the Shifter and/or Top paddles, depending on your order configuration.

Pickup available at 1167 Mississippi Avenue #100 Usually ready in 5+ days

Hyper SL Paddles

4-Paddles / Aluminum

1167 Mississippi Avenue #100

Pickup available, usually ready in 5+ days

1167 Mississippi Avenue #100
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