Customization Service

Customization Service

Sale price$175.00 USD

We recommend that you consider purchasing this service only if you meet the following requirements:

  • You currently have an open online order
  • You already own a GSI wheel

With our custom wheel design service, you have the opportunity to create a one-of-a-kind wheel that perfectly reflects your personal style. You can choose your preferred colors and wording throughout the entire design process, and almost every element is fully customizable. We take pride in our attention to detail, so you can rest assured that your custom wheel will be of the highest quality.

Please note that due to factory order minimums, each custom wheel will yield 20 label sheets: 10 button label sheets and 10 rotary label sheets. To create your unique design, simply use our Wheel Configurator and upload the JPEG/JSON files once you're done. We encourage you to have fun and share your masterpiece with the online community.

Customization Level:

Customization Level

Customize Your Weapon

HYPER_Ascent_Front_tilt #color_ascent HYPER_Ascent_Front_newhandle #color_ascent
Hyper P1
Sale priceFrom $1,650.00 USD
Sale priceFrom $1,385.00 USD
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   GSI_Formula-Pro-Elite_Alpha-Edition_Front-Tilt #color_alpha    GSI_Formula-Pro-Elite_Alpha-Edition_Front #color_alpha
Formula Pro Elite
Sale priceFrom $1,250.00 USD
Sale priceFrom $875.00 USD